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You heard P-80’s smooth footwork tune So What on Never Slept Volume 001 alongside the homies Yheti, Rattraps, Ganz, Paces, Jesse Slayter, Nangdo & many more. Now we bring you our debut release by none other than P-80 hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. With a second knee surgery on the cards (skate or die!) and a penchant for hardcore metal you may be surprised to hear the refined future bass & trap sounds oozing out the gills of this EP.

P-80 is an artist that can do it all, cutting his teeth on DnB & Dubstep he evolved releasing a stream of well received juke/footwork bootlegs over the last year or so alongside releases on RAW Records. He’s now currently one of the few people maintaining the juke sound on the east coast of Canada.

So with all this in mind we couldn’t be more excited to bring you the The Amethyst EP – a massive ode to the dystopian futures fuelled by bass and purple crystals. This isn’t the usual impeccable footwork fare you’d come to expect from P-80 though – instead this one is a straight up stomper. Don’t sleep on this.

Venturing into a wild melodical trap territory ‘Amethyst’ challenges you to do the ‘purple crystal bucket challenge’. If there’s a song out there that will get you dropping a bucket of purple crystals on your head it’ll be this one. The B-Side ‘Vertigo’ hits hard with a triple-b-threat. A brooding building bassline drops to another dizzying wall of bass that fans of Rustie will definitely froth to. All-in-all two complimentary bass adventures coming to you from Canada via Australia & all possible thanks to the gods of the internet. We hope this crystallises your opinions on P-80’s skills – and as always, don’t forget to Stay Awake…

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