Never Slept Volume 001


Never Slept brings you sixteen of the finest electronically tinged musical whispers – a truly diversified global conglomeration designed to entice your senses. Curated in Australia, but with a worldwide focus, the twenty featured artists hail from a diverse background: USA and Canada, Russia, The Netherlands and beyond. The collaborative label aims to lead the way in curating a global sound that showcases music only those who are awake & open to the sounds of the future… and today.

Other labels that have already supported our boundary pushing artists include: Mad Decent, Doggtown, Saturate, Dredd Collective, RAW, Symbols, Tomcrew, Trouble & Bass, Forward Thinking Sounds, Buygore & 710… so there’s some heavy hitters, however, this isn't a commercial product, this is just for the love of it. This is a completely free compilation of original music from, what we believe to be, the next wave of producers who's beats will be dominating dark dancehalls & discotheques in the very near future. Of course we’ll leave that up to you & let the music speak for itself.

This is a massive collaboration from all those involved and represents a slice of the music world. For those that are awake, let us introduce you to the first volume in your Never Slept journey. Also available at Bandcamp. Stay Awake.

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Full Tracklisting:

Pusher – Skyline
Player 2 – Suckman Rides The Quasar
Jesse Slayter – Shimmy
Paces feat. Just Chris – Baby Bye
Rattraps & Ganz – Flames
Hidden Peaks – Don’t Want To Swim
Aasco & Nikes – Sunbass VIP
Nangdo – Midnight
Blaze Tripp – Dope
P-80 – So What
Machine Girl – Acid Punk Phantasy
Damscray – Huntsman
Yheti & Toadface – Inner Dimensional Adventure
Luisterwaar – Circuits
Frenquency – Moaning Dawn
Shake It Maschine & Mr Pigman – Skywalkers


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