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I’ve listened to a bit of chiptune before. It’s either really fucking shitty, or really fucking good… and usually the really fucking good stuff is made by Japanese guys who are somehow both technical AND musical prodigies. So, it comes as a surprise that young Jay Wilson out of Nashville, Tennessee is producing some of the most exciting chip music we’ve heard in a short while.

Player 2 defines his style as a “bastardisation” of chiptune — taking inspiration from jazz, classic hip-hop, and synth-pop and fusing it together — which can be best described as “chip-hop”. Whatever it’s called, it’s goddamn fire. What makes this stand out from the rest might be the fact that he has the musical chops and accolades, as he played for several years with a goddamn symphony orchestra… or maybe its his love for small batch bourbon? Regardless, we know Player 2 is killing it on the high scores and we want to bring you along for this crazy 256-colour journey while the sprites are still re-spawning.

The opening track, “Let The Wookie Win,” is like a future bass odyssey that never left the console. It starts with a build up that sets the tone for the next three minutes. Victorious leads & chants encourage you to get on this level – or at least finish it in record time.

With Track 2, “Lunch With Randy” (and who doesn’t want to have lunch with Randy?) we are presented with an ode to arpeggios and cashing in 8-bit coins. It’s a short and sweet affair, but it definitely brings you home quickly and with all the power-ups you need.

The whole EP stays true to authentic (and dare we say, impeccable) chiptune production. However, it breaks new boundaries touching on other genres along the way. We would have also loved to bring you some remixes of this fine EP, but Player 2 prefers his tunes unadulterated, which we are only happy to abide by. The end result is pure, future chip-hop that will melt the hearts, and smash the high scores, of all the other players across the land.

Extra: We also recommend you check out his remix of “I Do This” by DJ Katch feat. Donnis, which proves his skills definitely translate from the chip-hop arena to the final boss level.

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Release #NSLS003


A. Player 2 – Let The Wookie Win
B. Player 2 – Lunch With Randy

Available October 30, 2014 – available for free one month. Don’t sleep on this.

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