BNDT72 – Close 2 U is out now!

Meet BNDT72, the French modern day prodigal sons of Juke, back with the thickest slice of booty smackers you ever did hear. Taking cues from the pioneers; take one part DJ Rashad, one part RP Boo, add a touch of DJ Deeon then smother that signature BNDT72 flavour dripping all over the top. This is for the true lovers of Juke/Booty House who enjoy some Jungle in the mix. Frenetic synths swirl around the rock-solid Footwork framework while the manic cutup vocals bring the ghetto flavour over the thick rolling sub bass. Along for the ride on the remix duties is Spanish duo BSN Posse and French producer Nikitch who add their own touch of funk to the mix. This release isn’t for the faint-hearted (or the faint-bootied for that matter), so turn it up, jump in the circle and show em what yo werks are made of!

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