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Release Info

The future dripping with molten silver, drenched with dense chords. Over-flowingly maximal at times, freshly understated at others, this EP takes you one step closer to the infinite.

Track A ‘We Here’. The journey begins in the not too distant future. A smoky bar  with a silky synthetic Rhodes as the centrepiece. Classic vibes quickly overflow into a cacophony of chords, a sonic waterfall crashing down onto a thunderous sub-laden beat. It’s hefty.

On the B-Side we have a straight up East Coast collaboration, combining forces in a slightly different fare than you normally might have expected. Punchy drums & handclaps seemingly magnetise to the Velcro™-like pulsating synths. It’s like a robotic Rick James riding his titanium white horse into the sunset. You might not ever never know when you will see him next.

We here at Never Slept would like to thank Mr Tripp for this aural update, and as always. Stay Awake.

The Crew @ Never Slept

Release #NSLS002


A. Blaze Tripp – We Here
B. Blaze Tripp & Rattraps – Indifferent

Available October 8, 2014 – available for free one month. Don’t sleep on this.

Bonus Track

In view of Blaze Tripp & Rattraps collaboration on the B-Side, we also have this VIP remix of Rattraps’ tune ‘Your Love’ (originally out through Die High). Blaze has transformed the original melodic footwork tune into a big drum 90s-inspired ethereal affair.